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Denesuline Land Claims Negotiations

Hon. Mary Jane McCallum: Honourable senators, my question is for the Leader of the Government in the Senate. For 19 years, the Athabasca Denesuline and Ghotelnene K’odtineh Dene have been negotiating modern land claim agreements with the Government of Canada to recognize their rights related to land, harvesting and resource management in their traditional territory. After years of negotiations, in 2018 the federal government committed to conclude the land claims agreements on a nation-to-nation…
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Child and Family Services - Bill C-92

Hon. Mary Jane McCallum: Thank you for being here today, minister. As the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples has already heard from a number of groups from different provinces and territories, there is a prevalent concern that this legislation would disrupt and negate the progress and experience that they have each accomplished in their own regions. In the interests of upholding and maintaining the good work done by these regions, would the government be supportive of an amendment…
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Indigenous Languages - Bill C-91

Hon. Mary Jane McCallum: This is a supplementary to the question I asked this morning in committee. The First Nations I represent are asking further questions. Under Bill C-91, the government’s only positive duty is to consult Indigenous organizations in order to meet the objective of providing adequate, sustainable and long-term funding for Indigenous languages. That may be the stated objective, but, with no specific Indigenous language rights and no corresponding positive obligations on the g…
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